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Out Where The Buses Don't Run - Gus Sanchez Wow. I'm impressed, and I'm not just saying that. I have read some of Gus Sanchez' blogs while they were freshly uploaded to Out Where the Buses Don't Run, and I knew Gus could write and entertain, but I missed out on the early years and I could almost see a coming-of-age through these seven years of blogging.

First, every blog is hilarious. Whether he means to be or not, the sarcastic wit is hand-over-fist way better than any Chuck Klosterman book. But then I got to the letter to Gus' unborn daughter and dare I say, actually teared up a bit.

Just when you don't think he has a point, or you disagree (like in my case, the horrible mix tapes were enough to make me embarrassed for Gus), in the end there is some sense and closure to his musings.

I can't be the only one who wishes that Gus's wife Jaime write her own book in answer to some of his aloofness about past girlfriends and her own take on being married to a guy who snubs Christy Turlington like no one I've ever seen before.

To Mr. Sanchez: You had fucking Holly Cole on a mix tape and said NOTHING about it. I even tolerated the rest of your shitty music and though you had me at Eric Clapton, your choice of "I'm Tore Down" was weak. I only hope that with the dawn of digital technology your selection of mix CDs had improved.

Otherwise, Hey Ho Let's Go.