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Year of Wonders - Geraldine Brooks Despite Geraldine Brooks' pitiful narration with this audiobook, I enjoyed the writing very much and the story. I'm not going to dock stars on this book because of it, so I'll just say this: Geraldine Brooks should not read her own books and if you ever come across an audiobook read by Ms Brooks, avoid it.

Sure, the cute Australian accent would have been nice to listen to throughout this book, but the weak, lispy voice grated on me for ten hours while on a road trip. "Quietneth and trutht," and "lowered hith gazthe" were a few of my favourites. There were a few moments in her read where it was amusing to hear her try and sound sexy (track 23) but for the most part, I read/listened to a great story, but sounded like a grown up, Australian Cindy Brady.

Sorry if that's mean, but I really think the author should just stick to writing and not reading.