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Hypatia - Charles Kingsley This book took me six months to read. I would occasionally get so bored with it, that I just read books in between, and finally got it finished just because I was tired of seeing it on my 'currently reading' list.

Like most nineteenth century written books, it takes a keen eye to get used to the language to really compute what the writer is saying. Once you get used to this writing, I think the trick is to keep at it so you can flow along with the book.

The problem I had though was that there was not much Hypatia in this book about Hypatia! I expected the story to revolve mainly around her, following her around like God's eye and describe most of her moves. Instead, there were many characters (foes) going against her, or who loved her for the wrong reasons, taking away from the woman I really wanted to get to know. What was disappointing was I didn't get to read about her famed inventions like the astrolabe, and her emotional relationship with Orestes. Where was all of this? It certainly wasn't in this novel. Also, I couldn't help but notice the religious bias from the author toward Christianity, which put me off since the story of Hypatia is of one woman who defied religion through her work in philosophy and mathematics.

I believe I would have liked this novel more had I not gone in to this book with the expectations of the same historical fiction novels I've come to love in the 20th and 21st centuries, and definitely shouldn't have put the book down so many times over a six month period. The problem was, it was not easy to read and I couldn't help but take my breaks.

I am sure reading non-fiction or researching Hypatia would be a much better way to go if anyone wants to learn more about her.