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Exotica: Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian Nights - Eden Bradley This was such a silly book. I read it in a few hours, and no, I didn't skip things just to read the sexy parts.

The truth is, there is erotica that is meant to continuously entertain and please the reader, and then there is the type of erotica that has a thoughtful story involved where it's more than just sex. This book was neither. With two weak stories behind it, both involving the fluffiness of perceived feminine wants (there was way too much cunnilingus), plus the added hint that the men were there to simply service the women to just lie back and receive, there was just no meat to this book.

The sex was predictable and often narrated identically each time. The names "Lilli" and "Caroline" were overused. In fact, so much, that I began to hate reading the names altogether and hope I don't read a future book with either of those names pushed in my face. Middle Eastern men usually resort to playful terms of endearment and neither men did. Overuse of their first names was a bore and unrealistic.

Some of the wording was strange for the setting. This is a Middle Eastern bunny ranch paradise for women and the author's use of the word "damn" was out of place. "She was so damn wet." Things like this were just odd.

The two men were also not entirely ethnic, taking away from a woman's fantasy somewhat of being with true foreign men. The first, an English-East Indian, and the second, a French-Jordanian. Why could they not have been entirely from their ancestral countries? It was strange, and their half-cultural identities were not necessary.

Lastly, the inevitability of feelings of love from these women were sort of a turn-off. Not all women fuss or yearn for wanting every man they fuck to fall in love with them. This is evident near the beginning of the book, given the descriptions of both women's pathetic personal lives.

This truly is meant for women who want to read a fluffy erotica book without too much of the nasty, but enough of the "I'm going to fuck you"s for them to feel like it's a bit dirty. Both stories are separated so it feels a bit like reading two books, with only a hint of the first story lingering in to the second, but really -- it wasn't necessary. If I had to choose, I would have rather the book play out Rajan and Lilli's story instead of Kian and the frightfully frigid Caroline. (The second story took way too long to get in to, and Caroline's rigidity was not sexy in the least, even though she overcame it.) Instead, I would have taken Caroline right out of the book and included Kian in the story with Rajan and Lilli, forming a possible threesome. But I think the fact that there was so much fluffy-romantic sex, this would just be too far-out for the author to get in to. This book is clearly meant to target market women who want to read erotica, but want to play it safe and just read about "nice sex".

The biggest disappointment of all was that there wasn't one blow job to be had, only runner up to the fact that a hand job complete with ejaculation for one of the women is "the most erotic thing" she had ever done. This truly would be Erotica 101 for some readers.