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Walden Two - B.F. Skinner A very dialogue-heavy book that is somewhat dated giving suggestion of what a utopic world would be like. That aside, the cult of Walden Two must have been something that kept Skinner busy with creating in his mind and putting to paper--it couldn't have been easy.

To sit and idealize what would be the best world to live in, create unforseeable problems, and correct them all within one novel is quite remarkable, but in modern times, there are many things left out. What would Walden Three be like? Touching on homosexuality, resource building, and a chance to learn more about the world with research. All of these things would have been my questions had I been in Burris's shoes, but 1948 wasn't thinking that far ahead, and if they were, certainly not suggesting it in fiction.

In short, reading this book now shows its flaws--the obvious holes that are in the "ideal environment", or else they were simply disregarded back then. Aside from a great concept, I don't think the story was written in a fantastical way to give my theatre of the mind anything to work with. As I mentioned, it was very dialogue-heavy, and the portion of the book that was narrated still didn't capture much to give me a picture of what was going on, much less the little details that make reading fun at times. This book was just a work of fiction, with concept-only suggestions about a (nice) cult, involving a very unlikable mastermind behind the idea.