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Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom This book has been out for fifteen years, and I always put off reading it because I was busy. How's that for irony? In all seriousness, I would be careful who to recommend this book to just because I would need to gauge the level of sensitivity of the potential reader. First, if someone is dying, the book might help give them something to feel better about. If someone is losing someone with an illness, they might fall apart with sadness. If someone knows someone with ALS, it might hit very close to home and be very painful, even if the story is meant to give someone hope. These things can be touchy, and let's face it, not everyone is as positive about death as Morrie Schwartz. There are many people who find this book powerful, as did I. I was moved by Morrie and Mitch's friendship throughout the book so much, that I cried about every five pages or so, then sobbed during the last twenty pages. I just couldn't take it. I'm glad though, because every page offered such wise words from a dying man. I'm just so glad that I wasn't going through a time when I was grieving someone, or lost anyone to ALS, because I wouldn't have lasted through this book at all without feeling sad throughout reading it. I am also a little envious that Mitch Albom knew Morrie Schwartz, who gave him the tools to start mending his life. We just get pages in a book. It's better than nothing, and in a weird way, Morrie's classroom just got a bit bigger by millions of people, so for that he'll live on.

Better Mitch than me, I suppose. I would have sobbed every Tuesday so uncontrollably that I wouldn't be able to decipher anything Morrie said in to the tape recorder underneath my wailing.