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One for the Money - Janet Evanovich Why did I read this? Well, what happened was a friend from work suggested it, telling me I'd love it. She's in her 50s and I guess she sort of thought I'd relate to Stephanie's life, being single, broke, and romance-challenged. So instead of being rude, I told her I'd read the book, so I did. Without asking me what kind of books I like (which are usually historical fiction), she said, "Isn't it great? So funny!" and then offered more Janet Evanovich books my way. So what do I do? Read them, just to be polite?

I read this to appease someone I do enjoy talking to and working with, but when it comes to books, I'm not in to the whole girlie-girl power, and the miserable lives we live being alone unless something far-out comes our way, masked with dry humour, and sarcasm for entertainment that only single women seem to get. I'm not saying the book was horrible, nor would I not recommend it to anyone, but I know who NOT to recommend it to, and that's people like me, who cherish time reading thought-provoking books whether contemporary or historical. I just felt like, although this book had it's giggle-out-loud moments, it's not enough to make me read the series. A book like this every couple of years is fine, but I would likely find that non-readers might enjoy it more, meaning those who accuse books of being boring, and of course this book is targeted to a female audience.

Yes, I'm female, but I like to think my book-reading time is better spent on more sophisticated reads. If I want to read something funny, Stuart MacLean is my guy. Otherwise, I'm going to have to find a way to tell my co-worker that I have a shelf full of unread books I need to get through first before taking on any more recommendations.

If that's book-snobbery, then oh well. Whatever.