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Cleopatra's Daughter - Michelle Moran Michelle Moran can seem to do no wrong. I knew this was going to be an interesting book, but I had no idea I'd be reading about the teenaged Kleopatra Selene throughout the book. For some reason, I thought I would get a larger span of history, but instead Michelle Moran packs a lot of solid information within four years from the time Selene and Alexander are captured until she is of age to marry.

In short, this book is quite appropriate for teens as well as adults, given that the book's main characters are all teenagers themselves, and Michelle Moran writes in such a way so that otherwise gruesome, adult situations of ancient Rome are written delicately without being omitted altogether. I appreciate her attention to detail whether it is beautiful or horrible, sparing nothing to the reader, but allowing her writing to be read by even someone who may be sensitive to graphic detail.

I would even go so far as to say I would have loved to have read this in highschool as a book reading assignment. It gives so much history about so many key figures, it paints a picture of the way of life so vividly, and the author does what she can to stay on par with actual events and people.

Well done, Ms Moran, on another engaging work of historical fiction!