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Dream Searchers, 2 volume set: The Seekers of the Spirit - Andrey Reutov BE CAREFUL if you buy this book!! My copy is an exact duplicate of the second volume Dream Searchers Book 2 Facets of the Unknown. I bought book two (thinking it was book one), and enjoyed more than I can describe, and was excited to know that book two was at the same bookstore. I grabbed the book and purchased it without perusing it first, and when I got home and intended to read it, it was identical to book one.

I can only say this must be a crude mistake from the publishers. To have an identical copy of a book within the cover of a completely different book, even summarizing that the journey with Maxim continues.

You can imagine my disappointment. I am expecting my proper copy shipped to me to replace the misprinted copy. I will edit my review once I read Book 1. If you want to know more about what I think of Book 2, please see my review. It really is an excellent book, even though the printing mistake leaves me no choice but to read the books out of sequence.