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Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir - Dave Mustaine, Joe Layden You don't have to know a lot about Megadeth or even like Megadeth to read this book and find that there are lessons from Dave Mustaine that we can all benefit from.

First of all, the book is courageously and intelligently written that does much justice for heavy metal fans. Every page was entertaining, if nothing else, thought-provoking. For the heavy metal fan, you will learn a lot some big names in the business. As a junkie, maybe it might give someone inspiration to clean up their act. As a husband and father who might feel disconnected from his family, it may coach them back to reality. And for anyone who has had grudges and bad blood between friends (and who hasn't) Mustaine's words are wise.

Really, being an innovator and entrepreneur in heavy metal music, Dave Mustaine is still committed to his music -- hardly something to scoff at considering he has (or had?) always been bitter about being in Metallica's shadow.

Most junkies by this time would have been dead, never mind launching two incredibly successful bands, married a beautiful, patient woman and had two beautiful children. Most people who seemed to have a knack for cutting ties with just about everyone they meet would never have been able to greet new opportunities. But Dave Mustaine has done it, time and time again.

Something else to think about: Who in Metallica has written a book? No one. In true Dave Mustaine-style, he is the first, and did a fantastic job.

I couldn't help but think, If Dave Mustaine had a better attitude, kept friends instead of making enemies, and skipped all the drugs.. he would have damn-near become master of the world.

Instead we have the best that Dave Mustaine has to give which is no small feat having a successful music career that keeps on entertaining us metal-heads.

I'm glad to have read this book. It was a pleasure to get to know Dave Mustaine. Though I had listened to Megadeth in the past, I couldn't say for sure that I was a fan, but reading his story now has solidified my respect for his music and his committment.