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Haiku - Andrew Vachss First of all, I'm sorry I decided to choose to listen to the audio book. I was looking for an audio-book to listen to on a road trip, and the timing of the book fit in perfectly with my driving time.

But what I didn't know is that the narrator, Christopher Lane is just awful. His voice cracks, his accents are terrible, and being that the novel is read from first-person of the Japanese character "Ho", of course this is distracting at best - but worse so with an audio-actor performing terribly.

With that said, I wish I had just read the book. But since I can't just go back and read the book, knowing what happens.. that's out. But I began to think, 'what if I had just read it instead?' Well, the truth is, with so much mish-mash of activity and a handful of characters with nicknames and problems, I couldn't wrap my head around what the hell these people were doing and why they were doing it.

I don't blame the bad audio book for this. It's just a bad story.

I did like the ponderings of "Ho" and recounts of his past, because in some way it was comforting and didn't distract me. Once the unnecessary characters and their issues came in to play, I was just annoyed. I wish this book was just about Ho and his past.

As a side note for audio-book lovers, if you see anything narrated by Christopher Lane, avoid it if at all possible. I know I will.