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Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson I wanted to like this book, especially after seeing some great reviews about it. But, no. It wasn't meant to be.

If there's one thing I can't stand about a book it's the overuse of dialogue, which made the book read more like a wanna-be movie script, and this book does exactly that. Also, I absolutely despise the whole America-saves-the-world shite, and this book does that as well - with the exception of a strange kid from London. Everyone else seems to rely on the Americans, fighting the robots on American soil.

If you've ever seen the movies Animatrix - where machines take over the world, Pulp Fiction - where individuals stories are eventually tied together, and Independence Day - where ultimately America saves the world, you then have the concept of Robopocalypse.

Not that it matters, but I suppose I should mention that since this is a dialogue-heavy work of fiction, I'm not really sure why it was so necessary for the author to use the word 'fuck' so often, or using it as a root for all other expletives, but he does - and after a while, it just became so contrived: people in trouble, gotta swear throughout the ordeal.

Well, I suppose if you're a Yankee-flag-waving fan of robots-threatening-human-life type of science-fiction, and you don't give a fig about how it's written, then sure - this book is for you.

See you in the funny papers.