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Coven - Steven William Rimmer This book is somewhat rare to find. Big chain bookstores don't carry it, and few places can order it. Online, I went straight to Steven William Rimmer's website to get brand new copies of three of his books -- this is one of them.

With that said, I don't intend to ever give them up. I am so glad that witches are portrayed in this book as normal people who follow old customs, and really are anything but devil-worshippers. I love how characters in this book don't even realize what the devil is.

The book's language and nicely timed dialogue is very appropriate for its time and place. I'm actually reading Welsh accents, and words in dialogue printed phoenetically to get a better idea of the spoken language. A little difficult at first, being Canadian, but soon after it began to sound natural and quite lovely.

I love the plot. The author is right: the idea that it would have been "all too easy to have a Christian antagonist" is cliched, so instead he develops friction between the coven's own members.

All excellent ideas. Nicely written. At times shocking, and/or raw. I missed giving this book 5/5 stars because of the strange ending, which I won't spoil. I felt it was misplaced compared to the rest of the entire book, so I was left slightly disappointed. But in all fairness to Rimmer -- I wouldn't have been able to think up of a better ending. If I could give half a star there, I would.

Overall, great book to recommend to other pagans, or those interested in reading about modern paganism. I am not so sure this book would be welcomed by all, especially those who are opposed to reading about pagans in a positive light, though they should.