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The Family - Mario Puzo, Carol Gino As luck would have it, I read this book once, and read Shogun right after, which actually made sense, historically and politically. I didn't even mean to do that. :)

But aside from Puzo's being known for the Godfather, it is actually quite interesting to read Puzo's take on Pope Alexander and his family. Regardless of what people might say about Carol Gino's additions (or finalizations) on the book, it really is seamless.

Of course there is a lot of issues that may upset sensitive readers such as violence, sex, incest, and just about anything else blasphemous. I mean, come on, we're talking about the pope here. Duh.

But pleasantly, there is no smut. So for the freaks expecting to find something titilating without having to shop in the erotic aisle at the bookstore, it actually is more of a classy read than one might expect, given the horrible story/facts.

Well done.