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And I Don't Want to Live This Life: A Mother's Story of Her Daughter's Murder - Deborah Spungen I read this when I was about 18, it was around 1992 and I was a huge fan of punk rock, particularly The Sex Pistols, and loved the film "Sid & Nancy". I was interested in learning about the drama, and the film definitely piqued my interest to read the book.

In this book, is the mother's point of view, which is very, very different than what one might read from other articles or books, or get from the film "Sid & Nancy". This time, it's all about the things you would never hear about - from Nancy's mom. I loved how Deborah Spungen could detail so much, as painful as it probably was to lose her daughter, which from what I read, was about as early as four years old when Nancy started to show signs of destructive, violent behaviour. The patience this woman must have had!

I expected that she would write as a biased mother, which she does on occasion, but she's fair to the circumstances, and was surprised not to read as much Sid-bashing as she is probably entitled to.

Instead, she writes about a troubled daughter that really met her early death due to many circumstances that may or may not have included Sid.