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Hell House - Richard Matheson I wish I could give this book more stars but I can't. This book gripped me from the beginning but....
Without giving too much away, I just felt the ending was so flat and predictable. There could have been so much more creativity and creepiness to add to the ending. It was like Matheson felt like he had to give this book a happy ending with all of the questions answered. Or maybe he wrote it too fast? Sometimes I can sense if an author is just done with a project and will end it any which way just to finish it. If it were me, I would have left the book with a real creepy twist instead of having the house defeated. I guess I'll have to just remember the next time I'm in a haunted house to start shouting "Bastard!" at the ghost, it will get scared and go away. How dumb.
And that's all I have to say about that.