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Beside a Burning Sea - John Shors Sorry. I hated this book. I don't normally 'hate' books, but this book left me with no other feeling. The characters are contrived, the dialogue is horribly done, the Japanese character who supposedly speaks excellent English (complete with knowing tough words) seems to still only know how to say 'yes' as 'hai' and says 'so sorry' when searching for what to say, only to spit it out in terrific English.

I mean, come on.

This book gets one star for having a plot, and one that you don't see all the time. But of course you have to have a bad guy - but John Shors just makes the evil one so predictably bad, just acting like a jerk, up to no good, making threats, etc. Like we don't see it coming.

Then there's the BLOODY annoying little kid who I suppose was Shors' attempt at putting humour in the book. All the kid did was irritate me. His dialogue and actions were unrealistic, and I just wished he was never there to begin with. If you don't mind reading the adjective 'bloody' all the time, I suppose you'll be fine.

The final straw was the end discussion notes from the author. I don't know about you - but if I was an author of a book, I wouldn't be so bold to make suggestions that what I wrote should be discussed as being a potential film, and including suggestions on who would play the parts of each main character. A little premature, in my opinion. And because the story was already so awful, complete with Yankee flag waving saving the world nonsense that we already see too much in Hollywood, I would have to say that John Shors should take some time to stop amusing not-so-serious readers, and if his true intent is to screenwrite, then maybe he should stay away from trying to irritate people with novels.

Just my opinion. But that will teach me never to read another John Shors book again.