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Lucretia - David Krae Don't let the title fool you. There is plenty of Borgia drama to read besides Lucretia herself in this novel. Written in third person with the intent to admonish the negative reputation Lucretia may have attained throughout the years, her character is offset by her power-hungry, puppeteering father, Pope Alexander VI and her jealous, murderous brother Cesare. Peppered in, are characters who are key pieces on a chessboard set. After being knee-deep in this read, you'll find Lucretia is treated as a pawn, but after heartbreaking events, finds her own strength to stand up for herself. (The author's own metaphors, not mine.)

It's obvious that this book was written with great research, and the author took pride in decorating the language with poetic narrative. When I got to the Afterword, I learned that the book's original intent was to be created as a Shakespearean-esque play which accounts for the sometimes-cinematic scenes that are easily imagined.

This is an indie-ebook available on Amazon and Smashwords, that should have its place in print and available to a broad market. I wish the author much success, and will be interested in reading his next project.