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No Turning Back: The South American Expedition of a Dragon Slayer - Benjamin "Coach" Wade It's not often I give a book a 5-star rating, but this book deserved it on many levels.

First of all, the concept for this memoir is different than any other, making it a fresh, new experience for me as I tag along with the author on his journey by kayak to South America. I also loved the language and writing style from Wade, making this book incredibly picturesque for me, as if I was right there, kayaking along side him.

The book leaves out a lot of nonsense that other authors feel necessary to add to their memoirs, that being bad language and sexual situations. I was perfectly entertained by something much more deeper than auto-pilot rants and lust. The author has a relationship with nature that dominates this read, particularly the ocean, and by that, the ocean is the only other main character, even though other people make a brief appearance.

I was given a sample of Coach Wade's humility, often times laughing with him during a self-deprecating moment, or at his choice of words while experiencing something light. I shared the sense of accomplishment with the author at the end of every chapter, even though the journey hadn't been completed yet.

This project was too good for Coach Wade to keep to himself, and I am delighted that he invited me, the reader, to come along and enjoy this fantastic experience with him.